Our Own Chef Dave

Ah, the holiday season! Where most conversations and thoughts are about food and when friends and family gather to celebrate and give thanks.

We have our fair share of talented Chefs here in Park City and Deer Valley  and all of us at Luxury Rentals in Park City feel very fortunate to be working with our very talented Chef Dave Kratky of The Laughing Pear. Chef Dave is passionate about food and expressing his creations with unique food and wine pairings. Chef Dave began his love for cooking at the age of 14 at an Italian restaurant in South Florida. He continued on to receive his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from the prestigious Florida Culinary Institute.

With several other courses from The Culinary Institute of America, Chef Dave says, “It is vital to continue learning and this is why I love what I do, you can ever learn enough.” He goes on to say, “Constant challenges are what I love and making the guest happy are really what it is all about!” Chef Dave has studied under such renowned Chefs as; Chef Pedro Seville from Spain; Chef Angelo Debucco from Italy and Chef Jean Louie Montecoat from France. Both culinary school training and training under such great chefs is what he believes has made him who he is today in his profession.

When you book your stay with us at Luxury Rentals in Park City, treat yourself to an amazing evening of culinary delights with our very own Chef Dave!

For all of the mouth watering details about Chef Dave, check out his website at The Laughing Pear.


Chef Dave of The Laughing PearDinner

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